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A A2Z Defensive Driving and DUI Academy offers a variety of programs to meet many people's needs. These include:
  • Defensive Driving Programs can be taken for court orders, point reduction, for an insurance reduction, or to reinstate a license, depending on the kind of citation that suspended the license.
    • A person who has no violations and no claims of fault within the previous three years can take this course and get a 10% discount on their insurance premiums. Check with your insurance company to be sure.
    • A person who accumulates 15 points against their license in any floating 24-month period may have their driver's license suspended and must take this class to get their license reinstated.
    • A person may take this course once in a 5-year period to remove up to 7 points from their driving record. This may help prevent a license suspension, but generally does not help insurance rates. Most people will get a warning letter from the Department of Driver Services when they have accumulated 11 points.
    • Courts will sometimes order people to take this course to satisfy sentencing for a moving violation. Often the course is referred to as "Traffic School" or "Driver Improvement".
    • Course fees are set by Georgia State Law. Fees need to be pre-paid in order to reserve a seat. If a person is coming for insurance reduction, we are allowed to offer a discount. A certificate indicating insurance reduction will not be accepted to meet court or state requirements.
  • DUI/Drug Risk Reduction Program (commonly called DUI School)
    • This is the twenty-hour program required for license reinstatement upon conviction of DUI, drug possession, and some other offenses.
    • Classes are held over the course of three days; Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
    • Prior to class an assessment/survey and registration is required.
    • Course fees are set by Georgia State Law. Fees need to be pre-paid in order to reserve a seat.
  • Clinical Evaluation and Substance Abuse Treatment *Information*
    • Effective July 1, 2008, all first time DUI offenders are required to obtain a clinical evaluation, unless waived by the court. Depending on the results of the clinical evaluation, you may be required to complete a substance abuse treatment program.
    • DUI Offenders who get a second or subsequent DUI within a 5-year period are required, as a condition of license reinstatement, to get a clinical evaluation, and if indicated by the evaluation, complete a substance abuse treatment program.
  • Teenage Driver's Education (Full Course)
    • This program consists of thirty hours of classroom training and six hours of hands-on training in the car one on one with an instructor.
    • This class allows for an insurance reduction for the teen and a tax credit for parents.
    • Course fees need to be pre-paid in order to reserve a seat.
    • This is the course required for a 16 year old to obtain their driver's license in accordance with "Joshua's Law", effective January 1st, 2007.
    • The road test for licensing is offered to our students who have completed the full course for an additional fee.
  • Teenage Driver's Education (Classroom Only - NO Driving Lessons)
    • This program consists of thirty hours of classroom training only. Seats are limited. No driving lessons are included. Classroom only does NOT guarantee you the insurance discount or tax credit. You must also complete the 47-page Parent/Teen Driving Guide to be in compliance with Joshua's Law. You may access this guide on our home page or obtain from the Dept. of Driver Services.

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